2014 Recap

Wow! What a year! Our first full year of being officially married kept us pretty busy! I like to look back and see the fun memories we managed to squeeze in between our crazy work year!

January 2014

We had some video work in Monterey so we got to go up a day early and play at the beach and the aquarium!

February 2014

28th Birthday Cocktail Party

March 2014

Got Mark and tested him out with a few “model” shoots!

April 2014

Easter and fancy cocktails.

May 2014

Our Red Rock Canyon camping trip was a blast! We have never done dessert camping so this was quite the adventure.
We also became Godparents to Isabelle and Avery!

June 2014

We got matching shirts and kept ourselves busy with work!

July 2014

We discovered and tasted (a lot of tasting) a new cocktail. Meet the Liberty Cocktail. And more beach time!

August 2014

Our much needed Huntington Beach get away and a family trip to Catalina.

September 2014

We took another camping adventure to Fawnskin and gathered with the whole family for a going away party for Levi.

October 2014

Halloween party and a fun new cocktail!

November 2014

Our South East Asia (Vietnam and Thailand) trip was fantastic! So many memories!

December 2014

Hosting our first Christmas with extended family and our 2nd annual crab dinner.

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