Trying to find a way to slow down time

Playing in the yard before the sun goes down
Watching the babies run around
Wasn’t long ago I was just like them

Just a rowdy kid
People tell you time flies, better take it all in
Better make it last
Another year’s gone by, gone way too fast
Gone too fast

Trying to find a way to slow down time
Growing like weeds, these babies of mine
Everything changes, that’s the natural way
All I want to do is spend time with my babies

Everything changes, that’s just the way
The way it is for sure
Time keeps on moving, Lord how I wish
I wish it’d move a little slower

Recording everything so that one day
We can look back and see
Back it all up, click file and save
But you can’t erase these memories

Sun on Shade – Tiger Lilies

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We are William & Jubilee, a Catholic couple dedicated to living intentional & genuine. Always chasing sainthood & the next adventure. When not conjuring up internet & marketing magic, we can be found brewing espresso or beer, gardening, taking pictures & hanging out with our babies.

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