2017 RECAP

January 2017

We took a huge leap of faith to kick off 2017. We accepted a corporate job and moved to San Clemente.

February 2017

Jubilee turns 31! We went to the most amazing spa called Two Bunch Palms in Palm Springs. Also Baby Emma was born!

March – April 2017

We were very sorry to unexpectedly loose William’s dad the beginning of March. March and April kicked off the crazy estate managing project that became our life for the next 10 months.

May 2017

I am little shocked we survived this month. William had his huge trade show that lasted a week in Dallas. We flew straight from Dallas to OC, got in the car and drove to Fresno. We set up the memorial service for Ken. It was a beautiful representation of his life and over 150 people attended. The very next morning we got up and setup/attended the memorial service for Rick.We drove home and picked up our poor puppy we hadn’t seen in 2 weeks! These two weeks were certainly a testament to our marriage and love for one another.

The very next weekend we celebrated The Payne’s getting married!

June – August 2017

We spent the majority of this year managing the estate and getting all the financial accounts and properties in order. We spent a lot of time in Fresno working at the house preparing it for sale.

We started our Realty Investment company, CCC Alliance, and went to Ohio to purchase our first three properties.

September 2017

We celebrated our fourth anniversary abroad! We snuck away for 2 weeks and explored a new part of the world.

October 2017

I honestly don’t know what happened in this month. Besides baby Jonah being born!

November 2017

We celebrated thanksgiving with the Hager clan, showing our support for epilepsy awareness.

December 2017

Christmas portraits at the beach this year for our Christmas card.

We finally got matching Christmas PJ’s!



We Are The Schneider's!

We are William & Jubilee, a Catholic couple dedicated to living intentional & genuine. Always chasing sainthood & the next adventure. When not conjuring up internet & marketing magic, we can be found brewing espresso or beer, gardening, taking pictures & hanging out with our babies.

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