2018 RECAP

January 2018

We took a trip to Nashville for a photography conference.

Picked up baby Phillip!

February 2018

Harvested our winter garden and got a huge harvest!

Tried to slow life down and enjoy the beach.

March 2018

Perfected the puppy’s treats!

April 2018

Fancy Easter pictures!

May 2018

We took a trip to Denver, CO and had a great time!

June 2018

Our summer garden!

Experimented with our dehydrator and made bear jerky.

July 2018

Just enjoying life!

August 2018

We bought a house!

While packing up our house and moving we found out some exciting news!

September 2018

We took a work trip to Vegas and checked out all the sites. We even went to Pawn Stars and saw Rick from Rick’s Restoration!!

October 2018

Halloween in our new house! And the puppies dressed up as a piggy and pumpkin.

November 2018

We havn’t been home for the holidays for years and years. So we decided we wanted to hang out local and soak it in as the two of us for the last time 🙂 Stayed at home for Thanksgiving!

Sold our cabin! This was such a bittersweet experience. Our little cabin was our first fixer upper, our first home together and will always be special. But it was time to move on!

December 2018

We started demo on our kitchen Dec. 1.

We have reached the 6 month mark! It was fun to dress up for Christmas with a baby bump!

Our Christmas was quiet and we celebrated in between framing walls, laying flooring, hanging cabinets, etc! We had every intention of taking beautiful portraits at the Mission this year, but that never really happened 🙂 So our empty kitchen made a perfect backdrop for our portraits.

We Are The Schneider's!

We are William & Jubilee, a Catholic couple dedicated to living intentional & genuine. Always chasing sainthood & the next adventure. When not conjuring up internet & marketing magic, we can be found brewing espresso or beer, gardening, taking pictures & hanging out with our babies.

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