Bottchers Gap Campground


Bottchers Gap campground is located on the northern edge Los Padres National Forest along the central California coast. The campsite is about 20 miles from Carmel.

Palo Colorado Canyon
Big Sur, CA 93465
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The road leading to Bottchers Gap is long, narrow and winding that cuts through a redwood grove. There are several houses along the road and it ends at the campground parking lot. All sites are on a first-come, first-serve basis, with no reservations accepted. Sites have a pit and a table only. Be warned there are no water bibs of any kind in the entire campsite and the bathrooms are terrible! I have no problem with pit style toilets but these look (and smell) like they haven’t been cleaned out since the 80s.
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Overall the campsite is not very enjoyable. The sites are very small and on a slant. Our site may look big in the pictures but it is really two next to each other. The views are decent but there is poison oak EVERYWHERE. Not just here and there but all in the sites, the trails, the bathroom areas, etc. You have to be extremely careful where you walk and forget about letting your dog more than 4 feet from you. That made for a very unhappy puppy. lol

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We brought abalone from our last campsite to cook here for dinner.

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