Dallas, Texas

We just got back from our stay in Dallas Texas. We spent some time in McKinney visiting my sister. The last three days of our vacation we stayed in the city. Here is our little whirlwind tour of Dallas.


We rented a little apartment in Uptown through AirBnB. It was our first time using this company and we had a good experience.  Uptown ended up being a good location as it was in the middle of all the other parts of the city we walked to. The night life, bars and restaurant options were medium. But if you aren’t afraid of walking (or taking an Uber/cab if you have extra cash) it was only about 1-2 miles for some good food. We did find a cool coffee house called Crooked Tree Coffee House that made a good espresso.



The walk to Downtown from uptown was about 2-ish miles and really easy. We stumbled on the Historic West End and got some of the best southern fried chicken I ever had at a little cafe called Ellen’s. In Downtown we had one main purpose and that was to see the Dealey Plaza (the JFK assassination site). The plaza actually has more to see than just the book depository and motorcade route. There is a landmark description of who George Dealey is, (and why this plaza was founded for him) Old pioneer cabin relics, the JFK memorial, the Old Red Museum, Holocaust museum, the Reunion Tower and more.
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That being said, the Sixth Floor Museum is a must. You get to actually stand where Oswald did (or pretty close) to take the shots and see what he saw. After you do the tour inside the museum go walk to the grassy knoll. It looks exactly the same as every picture I have seen of it. If you feel extra brave jump into traffic and take a picture next to the “x” marking the location where Kennedy was hit.

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After we explored Downtown we headed to Southside. A friendly bartender recommended this rooftop bar/hotel for great views of the skyline. The hotel is called NYLO and was a really cool place with funky decor. Next time we go I want to stay here! From Downtown it was another 2-ish miles and an easy walk.


Deep Ellum

Our second day in Dallas we just started walking and ended up in Deep Ellum. This is by far my favorite place in the city. It is arty, weird, unique and had some of the best BBQ we tasted in Dallas. The Pecan Lodge was recommended to us and by the line out the door it lived up to its reputation. We lucked out and sat at the bar without waiting in line 🙂 They had a $28 single beef rib ($11 per pound) on their menu. We decided to splurge and it was a good choice. So good.

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We wandered around and ended up at a dive bar called Double Wide. This was another good find! Get the Yoohoo Yeehaw, their version of an iced white Russian.

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