Independence Palace


This was the living/working quarters of the southern Vietnam president during the Vietnam war. After America pulled out of the war this beautiful palace fell to the northern Vietcong forces on April 30th 1975.

The grounds of the palace are huge with lots of amazing landscaping and they even have a few tanks and an airplane to show you the history.

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The tickets are super cheep only costing about 1 USD. We would recommend checking this place out and seeing the grounds and rooms open to the public. We don’t recommend paying extra for a tour as there are informational boards, in English, posted throughout the palace.  Make sure to check out the rooftop club, theater room, and the basement/war room.

Our favorite part was the underground bunkers that sheltered the president and his family during the war.


Ambassador meet and greet roomAmbassador meet and greet room

palace-5palace-8President’s office

palace-7palace-9Presents to the president (real elephant feet!)

palace-10palace-11Helicopter pad right out of the rooftop lounge. The red circles are where the two bombs were dropped by the north army.


Rooftop lounge.
palace-14War room in the underground bunker.


President’s bedroom and communication room in the bunker.


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