Ran-Tong: Save & Rescue Elephant Center

rantong-6 When we booked our tickets to South East Asia the next thing we did was research elephant riding.

What’s not commonly known by tourists is that quite a few of the “Elephant Camps” in Thailand do not treat their elephants well. We knew we wanted to find a place that our money would help support a positive lifestyle for the “tourist” elephants.

We found Ran-Tong and were extremely impressed with the care and quality in which they treated their elephants. This camp (more like a farm) was far from the city and crowds and was caring for 18 rescued elephants, including one cute baby. It was located about an hour up the mountain outside of Chiang Mai. When we arrived a little baby elephant came running over to greet us!
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Our elephant was 35 and named Thong In. We had a fabulous experience at this elephant camp!


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