Red Rock Canyon State Park

red-rock-5red-rock-3red-rock-2We highly recommend Red Rock Canyon State Park.  We camped in April and it was windy and a little cold, but the sites were well worth it.  The Ricardo Campground is situated along one of the bigger red rock cliffs with the sites backing up to the rocks. The campground has a visitor center that was excellent and gave good tips on what hikes to do and how to get there. The Whistler Ridge hike provided a great view of the overall location.

red-rock-8red-rock-16red-rock-18red-rock-11There is something about the light in the desert.  It makes for wonderful lighting.  This was a photographer’s dream!
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red-rock-4red-rock-10red-rock-12red-rock-17red-rock-7red-rock-9red-rock-6red-rock-13red-rock-14red-rock-15One of the best features of this location was the stargazing. . . absolutely amazing!


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