Salton Sea

We started our Salton Sea adventure at Northshore where the visitor center is located. You will find some interesting facts, helpful rangers and air conditioning 🙂 The Salton Sea has a diverse history. What interested me the most was how popular it was in the 50s-70s as a resort area. In the late 70s all that changed and it is pretty deserted.

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Bombay Beach


About 15 mins. south of Northshore we explored Bombay Beach. This was one of the bigger resort areas back in the day. There are still people that live here (about 100) but you can see the ruins and abandoned buildings. We stopped in at the historic Ski Inn that was popular in the hay day and is still an operating bar today. The best part was we got to chat with the owner who was here since the early 70s and witnessed the intense crowds and popularity to the emptiness today.

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