It rained today.

The first time in a long time (because of the drought and all).  Everything looked so pretty and clean. A fresh start. I need to get better and remembering that this life is full of blessings and fresh starts.

We are about to embark on one of our biggest adventures yet. A true lifestyle change. I want to remember that is is exciting, scary, fun, different, etc.

Every day these days I need to loudly remind myself that it’s ok to sit back and watch how life unfolds according to God’s plan. I have always been a planner and in control when it comes to what will happen next in my life. Over the past year we have had so many experiences that have made me come to realize that maybe we should try and let things happen the way God wants them to happen.

That doesn’t mean we stop working. Stop living. Stop loving. It means to slow down and listen. Start seeing the blessings in disguise for what they really are.

We believe God lets us make our own decisions, but there are moments in our life where he is strongly guiding us, and if we have the right attitude and are open to the spirit, we will receive amazing blessings.

We Are The Schneider's!

We are William & Jubilee, a Catholic couple dedicated to living intentional & genuine. Always chasing sainthood & the next adventure. When not conjuring up internet & marketing magic, we can be found brewing espresso or beer, gardening, taking pictures & hanging out with our babies.

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