Who else is just zipping by day after day? How much time do you take for yourself? Your spouse? A year ago at this time I would have answered… honestly not much.

So we have started to take “time outs” and do small things together or for ourselves. Sometimes they are only 15 minute breaks. One of our favorite little relaxing breaks is to do a face mask together. Yes, they are for guys too. I told my mister this one had clay in it so I think he was sold on the manly factor after that. I mean if it has dirt how “girly” can it be? lol.

There are a ton of different variations using the Indian Clay but I liked this blog’s detailed description of the effects. I am by no means any kind of skin expert but all I know is I like how soft my skin is after this. Go over to the blog mentioned above for some details or do a little research (which honestly you should be doing if you are going to put something on your face).


– 2 tsp of Indian Healing Clay
– 1 tbs Apple Cider Vinegar

(I found both these ingredient at Mother’s.)

1. Mix the two items together in a small bowl.
2. Apply to your face. Let it set for 15 minutes then wash it off with warm water.
3. I like to follow up with moisturizer. Keep in mind your face may get red, but it usually goes away in an hour. This is from the vinegar.

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