We have made many meals in our Ninja slow cooker. But what about dessert? We made this triple chocolate cake and I am so happy with how easy and good it was!


Easy Ninja Slow Cooker Chocolate Cake

This is the “easy” part. . . I just used a box cake mix 🙂

(Use this recipe for the frosting)

1. Using the main turning knob, twist all the way to the right for the “Oven” function.
2. Using the smaller turning knob with +/- designations, rotate until you reach the oven temp you need. For this recipe 375.
3. As far as I understand (the oven setting in the manual is not very informative) the oven is ready to go right away. I wait about 10 min to “pre-heat”. If you push the “time/oven temp” button the degrees will turn to minutes. I believe the default is 1 hour.
4. Put the wire holder in the slow cooker.
5. Pour your cake mix into the cake pan. My cake took about 35 minutes to be done. Test with a fork.


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