Hearst Castle Tour

Are you thinking about visiting the Hearst Castle? I highly recommend it. The castle has 165 rooms and 127 acres of gardens, terraces, pools and walkways. The art collection throughout the property is extensive and impressive. I have been on two of the four tours available and liked them both. The best place for you to go to get information is the castle website (See below). They give you all the details you would need and have a place where you can purchase your tickets in advance.

Hearst Castle Tours
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750 Hearst Castle Rd.
San Simeon, CA 93452

Take a look at some pictures we took from the Upstairs Suites Tour.

View on the drive up the hill.
Looking at the ocean from the castle.
castle-2 castle-3 castle-9
The grounds.
castle-4 castle-5 castle-6 castle-7 castle-8
The Roman pool.
The Doge’s Suite (bedroom and sitting room). What do you think about that ceiling?
castle-14 castle-15 castle-16
The Main Library.
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The Gothic Suite.
This was Hearst’s personal study where he worked… not a bad office.
The Duplex Bedroom. This ceiling is the first thing you would see every morning after you woke up.
The Celestial Suite
This room sits at the base of the bell tower and has a matching room in the other tower. Imagine the sound of the bells from this room 🙂

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