Poached Egg and Mushrooms

Serves 2

– 2 Eggs (poached)
– 2 toasted pieces of brioche bread
– Mushroom garnish

Mushroom Garnish:
– 3 cups cubed seasonal mushrooms
– 3 slices bacon, cubed (for meatless option sub for garlic confit)
– salt to taste
– pepper to taste

1. Heat sauce pan. Cook bacon, cubed. When bacon is done remove from pan and set aside. Use bacon grease to cook mushrooms.
2. Add mushrooms to greased pan. Salt and pepper to taste. Cook until browned, slight crunch, add bacon for last minute. Remove and place on paper towel to soak up excess bacon fat.
3. Toast bread.
4. Add mushroom garnish to toasted bread.
5. Poach your egg. Set atop the garnish and bread. Pour excess bacon fat from pan (about 1 tsp.) over egg. Salt and pepper to taste.

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